Who we are

E-nitiate is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting computer science education in Morocco.

Mission: To build a generation of highly skilled, socially conscious Moroccan programmers.

Vision: To promote a widespread computer programming culture at the vanguard of Morocco’s technological revolution.

In a time period marked by substantial and ground-breaking advances in Science and Technology, computer programming has gained a newfound prominence, as it is now more than ever before, considered to be an essential skill to acquire and master.

At E-nitiate, we are well aware of this increasing demand for computer programming as well as the lack of exposure to the Computer Science culture in Morocco impeding young scholars’ learning. We believe that our country’s current education system, where computer programming is not part of the official K-12 curriculum, places our youth at a disadvantage compared to their peers from other nations around the world in which computer programming basics are introduced at a young age.

E-nitiate was selected out of 856 projects worldwide to receive the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund offered by the U.S. Department of State. Our grant of $22,000 enabled us to concretely start planning for our first programming camp.